Closable plastic bags with handle

Closable plastic bags with a handle are one of the practical packaging materials. They help not only protect the contents, but also properly display the products. They are also great for storage and transportation. Our offer includes solidly made bags with handle made of the best raw materials. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available variants, as well as to place individual orders.



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LDPE plastic bags with handle 700x900mm 70x90cm 0,07 10pcs

LDPE plastic bags with handle 700x900mm 70x90cm 0,07 10pcs
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Closable plastic bags with handle - characteristics

Our resealable plastic pouches with handle are manufactured from high-quality plastic. We use low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is smooth, shiny, quite fleshy and flexible. The use of this type of plastic contributes, among other things, to the high mechanical strength of the handle bags. It also makes them very good at protecting the contents from contamination and external moisture.

On one of the shorter edges, the pouches have a plastic handle that allows the pack to be conveniently carried or hung on display. The handle also features a reusable closure. The bags with handle are made of transparent plastic as standard, but can also be coloured in any colour and printed. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this type of solution.

Handle bags - applications

Made from thick film, handle bags are extremely practical and can be used in many ways. They can be used for storage, transport and display. Our products are approved by the PZH (National Institute of Hygiene), which means they are approved for food contact. They can also protect textiles, decorations and many other types of products. Due to their design, however, bags with a handle are best suited for flat contents.

Are you interested in customised handle bags? Feel free to contact us!