Film half-sleeves - regranulate straw

Straw regranulated film half-sleeves are a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to LDPE or other types of film packaging. They are made from recycled secondary raw material, so they allow the reuse of already existing materials. At the same time, they do not differ significantly from them in terms of properties - they are fully functional and durable. They are excellent for the production of unit and bulk packaging of various goods and can be tailored in terms of parameters to the preferences of the customer.



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Half foil sleeve 111-235cm 0.04-0.2 LD PE regranulate straw 300kg

Half foil sleeve 111-235cm 0.04-0.2 LD PE regranulate straw 300kg
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Half foil sleeve 40-110cm 0.03-0.1 LD PE regranulate straw 60kg

Pół rękaw foliowy 40-110cm 0,03-0,1 LD PE regranulat słomka 60kg
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Half-sleeve of regranulated straw - properties

Straw regranulate half-sleeves are similar in form to foil sleeves (tunnels), but one of their side edges is open. This provides a much wider range of uses.

The plastic, on the other hand, is characterised by its strength and durability and, depending on the raw material used, can vary in softness or elasticity. It is excellent at protecting the contents of the packaging from external factors, including contamination and moisture. Regranulated straw half-sleeves have a characteristic straw-brownish-green colour (varying according to batch), but can be additionally coloured or printed. Our customers can order them in any width and film thickness.

Cost-effective film sleeves made of regranulated straw - many possible applications

Straw re-granulated film half-sleeves are primarily intended for packaging and protecting goods during transport or storage. They are ideally suited to industries such as:

    • Food,
    • industrial,
    • chemical,
    • construction,
    • horticultural.

Thanks to the use of recycled plastic, they are not only ecological, but also economical. Therefore, they will prove useful wherever environmental concerns meet the desire to make savings. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in straw recycled plastic half-sleeves with non-standard parameters - we will fulfil any order.