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Plastic packaging can be environmentally friendly! This criterion is met, among others, by film strips made of pure regranulate, i.e. recycled plastic. Produced from carefully selected waste, they have properties similar to the original raw material, while not contributing to the creation of new garbage. It is an ecological, economical, as well as practical choice. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of regranulated film tapes made according to individual customer specifications.



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LD PE film tape regranulate pure 30-100cm 0.03-0.2 90kg

LD PE film tape regranulate pure 30-100cm 0.03-0.2 90kg
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Properties of pure regranulate film tape

Pure regranulate film tapes are products made from recycled raw material. However, they are only made after the so-called original, which allows for very good properties in terms of strength or durability. Pure regranulate is also characterised by its transparency (although it can be tinted to any colour), smoothness and gloss. The packaging made from it is therefore aesthetically pleasing and at the same time practical and leak-proof.

Pure regranulate film tapes are a great way to reuse raw materials already in circulation and are therefore considered environmentally friendly. They can be produced in almost any width and thickness. You will find regranulate tapes on rolls in our range - ideal for industrial use.

Pure regranulate tape - applications

Pure regranulate tape has basically the same application as any other LDPE film tape. It is excellent for packaging and protecting goods, including shipping, storage and transport. It can be perforated, dyed and printed.

These types of products are used in the industry:

  • food,
  • industry,
  • chemical,
  • textile and many others.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly regranulated film tape for any application? Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to produce a film perfectly tailored to your needs.