Film half-sleeves - pure regranulate

Are you looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging? We recommend pure regranulate film half-sleeves. They are made exclusively from recycled secondary raw material (without admixture of "new" film), so they help reduce waste and are more environmentally friendly. At the same time, regranulate film matches the aesthetics and durability of other types of film. Therefore, it can be an excellent choice for those companies that do not want to compromise while being more "eco". We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer!



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Half foil sleeve LD PE regranulate clean 30-100cm 0.03-0.2 90kg

Half foil sleeve LD PE regranulate clean 30-100cm 0.03-0.2 90kg
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Semi-sleeve film of pure regranulate - properties

Pure regranulate film has essentially the same properties as virgin raw material. It is formed from polyethylene waste and is therefore flexible, strong, smooth and shiny. It is also suitable for reprocessing.

Pure regranulate half-sleeves can be dyed in any colour and printed. Perforations can also be made to facilitate the removal of air and moisture from the interior of the packaging. Our regranulate half-sleeves can be fully customised to meet your requirements - also in terms of width or material thickness.

Film half-sleeves made of pure regranulate - unlimited possibilities

Pure regranulate film half-sleeves are excellent for creating environmentally friendly, yet practical and aesthetically pleasing packaging. They are most often used for the wrapping and packaging of articles:

    • foodstuffs,
    • industrial,
    • Chemicals,
    • construction.

They also make it possible to protect them in transport and storage.

Our offer includes the possibility of ordering regranulate half-sleeves with any parameters - dimensions, thickness, colour, with or without printing. Feel free to contact us!