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A good packing tape is a versatile product that works well in professional and domestic applications. In our offer you will find tapes that are durable and sturdy. We use strong, durable glue and high-quality plastics. We encourage you to choose packing tape straight from the manufacturer - we fulfill even non-standard orders and allow you to choose any size or color of tape.



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Adhesive tape - packing tape 48mm

Adhesive tape - packing tape 48mm
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Packaging tape - characteristics

Packing tape is nothing more than an adhesive tape designed with packaging in mind. It has a strong adhesive that makes it adhere perfectly to many surfaces, including paper, cardboard or foil. It is traditionally 48 mm wide and is available in large rolls of several tens of metres. Standard packaging adhesive tape works perfectly with special dispensers called tape dispensers. This makes its application simpler, more convenient and faster.

We offer packing tapes from the manufacturer in standard sizes and two colours - transparent (translucent) and brown. We also fulfil individual orders for tapes made according to customer specifications.

Learn about packaging tapes from the manufacturer and their uses!

Our packaging tapes are versatile products. They are suitable for manual and machine application. They are widely used in trade and distribution, as well as in production plants or warehouses. They make it possible to secure parcels and loads of any size. They are also ideal for use in the home.

Our range includes packaging tapes sold from just one roll. We fulfil even large orders in no time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like expert advice or would like to find out more about our products.