HDPE film sleeves

Where durable and practical packaging is needed, it is worth betting on HDPE film sleeve. Being made of high-density polyethylene, it is characterized by high mechanical resistance at low thickness. We offer the possibility to order HDPE sleeves of any parameters (dimensions, color), also with individual printing. We encourage you to check our offer if you are looking for a reliable supplier of packaging materials and films.



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HDPE film sleeve 30-100cm 0.007-0.1 150kg

HDPE film sleeve 30-100cm 0.007-0.1 150kg
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HDPE 30cm 0.008 tunnel sleeve for foil gloves

HDPE 30cm 0.008 tunnel sleeve for foil gloves
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HDPE film sleeve - characteristics

High-density polyethylene (HDPE), from which our film sleeves are manufactured, is a practical and versatile material. It is characterised by its low elasticity and high resistance to tearing or stretching, as well as high temperatures (melting point from 126°C).

The film made from it is thin, light, rustling and matt. Our HDPE film sleeves have the same properties. Designed for use as packaging, they are excellent at protecting the contents from external influences. At the same time, they do not significantly increase the weight of the entire product, which is a great advantage when transporting or storing. An additional advantage of HDPE sleeves is that they are made from recyclable plastic.

HDPE sleeves - wide applications

The HDPE sleeves available in our range have a wide range of applications. They are primarily intended for the production of packaging for goods in the following industries:

    • food,
    • industry,
    • chemical,
    • mechanical,
    • electronic,
    • construction.

Our large production capacity allows us to perfectly adapt the size of the packaging to the specific product. You can order them from us in any size and film thickness. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in HDPE sleeves made to your individual specifications.